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Site Information

Access to TMB – access is under a railway bridge, the advisory height is 2m.10.

Tall vehicles can gain access to the site via the power station, next door.

Campsite Badges – We have Camp Site Badges available for purchase on site, or from our booking secretary.  Camp Site Badge – £1.00

Shopping – There are local supermarkets in the town of Thetford just 10 minutes away from the site.  These include: Tesco 24 hours, Sainburys, Iceland, Aldi, Lidl and Farm Foods.

Bottled Gas – Some of the local garages supply gas also the local garden centre.

Nuns Bridges Service Station

Doctors and Pharmacies

Thetford Healthy Living Centre – local doctors, two surgeries operate from here.

There are a few pharmacies in Thetford, Tescos and Sainsburys both have a pharmacy.  There is one at the Healthy Living Centre and also Boots in the town centre.