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Site Rules

Camping Rules

The running of the site relies completely on voluntary help and we therefore ask you for your co-operation in maintaining certain camping standards and accepting the Conditions of Hirers of Buildings.

Look after the site by leaving anything in a better state than you found it and there should be no wood chippings, sweet papers or other rubbish, and no debris which might damage the mower.



Please keep clean and tidy, as you would expect to find them. It is your responsibility to help keep them clean. We do not have cleaners, so please ensure you leave the toilets as you expect to find them.

Toilet paper and cleaning materials are available in the cleaning cupboard in the front toilet block.

There is an outside sink available for washing pots and pans, please leave clean and tidy. The basins inside are for personal washing, NOT FOR POTS AND PANS. THERE ARE NO FACILITIES FOR THE DISPOSAL OF CHEMICAL TOILETS.



Please ensure you dispose of your rubbish in the skip provided, and leave your camp site as you would expect to find it. All burnable waste should be disposed by fire.

All un-burnable waste is wrapped and disposed of INSIDE Skip provided or taken home. It is the leader’s responsibility to make sure no one under the age of 18 disposes of rubbish as the skip doors can be heavy. Liquid waste only to be put in wet pits



Places are provided for fires, DO NOT start new ones.

Conserve the wood supply by not burning timber wastefully. Return all unused timber to the wood pile near the camp fire circle and do not leave any in or near the dining shelters.

Cut only dead and fallen timber on the wood pile. Trees are precious so ensure that none are damaged and that labels are not removed.

All fires must be extinguished prior to departure, remember we are in the middle of a forest. Alter fires may be used but only in designated fire areas.



All pitches marked by numbers at each end. Please remain within your defined area. Ensure any area used for cutting of wood is marked off within your pitch, no saws or axes left lying around the site.



Please remember others on site, and keep all unnecessary noise down. Silent hours are between 11pm and 7am.


Campfire Circle and Chapel Area

The camp fire circle and chapel area is for use by all and therefore cannot be booked for direct use, ABSOLUTELY NO CAMPING WITHIN THIS AREA.



Only guide dogs/hearing dogs will be allowed.


Access and Security

Vehicle gate under bridge deters unwanted visitors but is not locked when site in use. All vehicles and personal property is the responsibility of the individual, Site gate at top of track to be kept closed at all times.

No admittance to the Power Station is permitted, except entry and exit to the campsite to high sided vehicles – anyone breaching these Health & Safety Rules will be escorted from the campsite.

Only one vehicle allowed to be parked within confines of pitch, this is for emergency use only. All other cars to be parked in designated car parking area after dropping off. No unnecessary vehicle movement on site.

Hazard lights to be used at all times beyond Railway Bridge. 10mph Speed limit.

Strictly NO admittance on flying club field



Only permitted on track not on pitches or camp fire circle area. Speed to be kept to walking pace within campsite boundary.